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As a team of experienced former journalists, it’s our job at Accord PR to help our clients make the news and build the kind of profile that ...
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mclcreate believes in the power of conversation to drive business success for its customers. The company provides everything its clients nee...
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SB Studio is a design agency working for clients internationally, from ambitious start-ups to global brands, galleries, fashion labels, inst...
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We are specialists in marketing for the hospitality and leisure trade.  Hotels, restaurants, gastro inns, bars, spas and suppliers to the tr...
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There are different types of PR agencies, depending on the services they offer and the audiences they serve. While PR agencies provide general services, there are also PR agencies working in specific areas specialized in their fields. We have listed the types of PR agencies below for you.

  1. General Communication

PR agencies that offer general services are there for companies in all matters related to their public relations strategy. They provide you with every support in building your reputation and brand awareness using many tactics including social media, media relations, internal communication, and more. For businesses that need help with more than one public relations, it would make more sense to get services from a general PR agency.


  1. Press communication

PR agencies that focus on media access, writing sales pitches, being actively involved in the media, and interviewing journalists or influencers specialize in press communications. If the PR service that companies need is to improve their media coverage, it would be wise to get services from a PR agency specialized in this field.


  1. Crisis Communication

PR agencies, which provide support to their customers in the field of crisis management, stand by them by preparing appropriate plans in times of crisis.


  1. Internal communication

PR agencies specialized in the field of internal communication provide services foe institutions to inform their employees and make employee communication very easy.


  1. Community Communication

PR agencies, which help companies maintain healthy communication with their customer communities, are experts in areas such as social media communication.

PR agencies help their clients in many ways and provide expert service. These are as listed below.

Reputation management: One of the main services offered by PR agencies, this tactic may include email newsletters, social media management, responding to comments and engaging with followers.


Crisis Management: Most of today's companies may encounter some corporate crises at certain times. Therefore, asking a PR agency to prepare a crisis communication plan has become very common in collaboration with PR agencies.


Media Relations: The media is undoubtedly the best way for companies to build their reputation and make their name heard. PR agencies are firms that specialize in properly managing the relationship between media and companies. Tactics that PR agencies employ include writing offers to journalists and influencers to get more coverage in industry news and media.


Social Media: Social media platforms are the most important place where companies can communicate with their target audiences and play a critical role in brand reputation management. Expert PR agencies also offer the best service to companies in the correct use of social media.


Speech Writing: PR agencies are the best place to get help when companies need to speak at press conferences and events. All speeches made on behalf of the company should represent your brand as a whole. If anyone from your company needs to give a speech, you may want to consider hiring a PR agency to take over the strategic messaging.


Press Releases: PR agencies also take an active role in press releases that companies need to write to announce their new products, launches, campaigns or movements. A hashtag to launch on social media about a new product etc. PR agencies can share with you the most useful ideas for the movement.

The amount required to set up a PR agency and provide public relations support to individuals and businesses will of course vary depending on the type of PR agency, the services the agency intends to offer, and the location where the agency will be established. The initial cost of a PR agency considers equipment and materials expenses, fees to start a business, software expenses, office space expenses, employee and freelancer expenses, website costs, and advertising and marketing costs. It ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

If you want to work in the field of public relations, here are the items that will help you start your career.

A college degree doesn't matter much to work in PR agencies, but most job postings will ask for a bachelor's degree. Most people who work in PR agencies develop a strong grasp of language, style, and both oral and written communication skills by earning a bachelor's degree in fields similar to journalism and communications.

As in most areas, one of the most critical roles in the PR industry is the connections you have. Because the nature of the job is to engage with audiences and manage their brand identity and reputation, PR firms look for people who are already on social media and are good at networking. Being active on social media and participating in industry-related pieces of training, events, and conferences, meeting people in the industry, and developing your network will be very logical steps for those who want to get a job in PR agencies.

When you're ready to apply for a job at PR agency, make sure your resume showcases your social and creative skills. Use your cover letter to showcase not only your achievements and experience but also your personality. When creating your resume, you can pretend you're writing a press release or blog post that aims to promote your brand in a positive way.

As in every organization, there are many specialists with different abilities and job descriptions working in PR agencies. The teams of PR agencies are generally as follows:


Strategy Team: This team usually monitors the work, when a new client comes to the agency, this team examines the structure of the client company and creates appropriate strategies accordingly, and shares them with the relevant teams. They form a kind of roadmap.


Editorial Team: This team, which is responsible for the creation of texts to be used in relations with the press, has a good command of the rules of journalism. They produce the best texts by working meticulously on the reflectance of the brand language of the messages, their compliance with the language of journalism, spelling mistakes and expression disorders.


Media and Press Relations Team: This team, whose most important task is to establish strong relations with the press, ensures that the press releases from the editorial team are published in the right channels and reach the widest media organs it can reach. It is also the responsibility of this team to organize press lists and make updates when necessary.


Creative Team: This team, which manages the design part of the business, takes on creative roles such as supporting the projects with visuals. It is the duty of this team to make the designs to be shared with the press the most creative and interesting.


Customer Relations Team: It is the team that manages the relations of the agency with the companies and individuals it cooperates with, prepares studies taking into account the feedback received from the customers, and shares these studies with the relevant people.


Reporting Team: As every agency does, PR agencies present the results of their work to their clients through reports. The work of the reporting team guides the development of new strategies.

PR agencies with a wide range of services; strategically handle many communication processes such as reputation management, perception management, media relations, and crisis communication. The main purpose of PR agencies, which undertake the brand awareness and reputation management of the people and companies they work with, is to support these people in drawing a reliable image in the sector. It tries to prevent material and moral losses, thanks to the crisis communication plans that it carries out in advance or instantly against possible crises. It strengthens the foundations of the relationship with the target audience and the press, and increases brand awareness and brand loyalty, with many activities such as press release distribution, special news and interview studies, and TV program guests. PR agencies do all of these items in a professional and systematic way. PR agencies can also align PR and marketing goals, increasing your reputation as well as driving more sales.

In short, PR agencies help the people and companies they collaborate with to be more visible in the sector and make their voices heard by their target audience, thanks to their strong media relations.

A reputable PR agency cannot guarantee that your brand will be featured by media outlets. Because this is a situation that is beyond the control of the PR agency. Even a PR agency with the strongest media connections cannot guarantee that the brands it works with will be featured in the media because it ultimately depends on the editorial team. Since meddling in the business of journalists and broadcasters will damage the relations of PR agencies with the media, agencies often prefer not to resort to this path and do not allow an interview, program, etc. to be filmed. It is left to the media organization to decide whether it will be published or not.

While PR is part of marketing, PR agencies are not responsible for sales. The responsibility of PR agencies is to increase brand awareness and highlight their clients as experts in the industry. Therefore, although PR agencies can convey to their customers how many readers or listeners are for a broadcast or podcast through their KPIs (key performance indicators), they cannot inform their customers about how many sales are made as a result of these efforts.

Every company has similar aspirations to become an industry leader and stand out from the masses, and one of the ways to achieve this is by collaborating with PR agencies.

Because having the right PR relationship plays an active role in taking any company to the next level and getting ahead of its competitors.

Brand awareness is the backbone of any successful business, and working with a PR agency allows you to create a unique brand identity if you don't already have one, and ensures that an established brand is properly represented in the media and public domain.

PR agencies can help you channel your messages across multiple media platforms and ensure you are represented where you want to be because PR agencies have extensive media networks that will enable your company to use its resources effectively and help you distinguish what is newsworthy and what is not so you can get the most appropriate media coverage possible. and have connections.

PR agencies will be able to offer ideas on what would be effective to reach your target audience and keep you informed of market trends, enabling you to identify the best strategic opportunities to expand and grow your company.

The amount companies have to pay to cooperate with PR agencies will vary from agency to agency, depending on the services requested and the size of the agencies. To say an average price, we can say that it is around 1,000-15,000 dollars per month.

The way to understand the difference between PR agencies and advertising agencies is to make the right distinction between the concepts of PR and advertising.

While PR serves the purpose of increasing the prestige, image and recognition of an institution or person, advertising aims to increase the sales of a good or service or to spread an idea. Therefore, these two concepts are separated from each other in terms of basic purposes.

Another important point that distinguishes the concepts of PR and advertising is the target audience. In PR, the target audience of the institution is the public, but in advertising, the target audience includes a limited audience in line with the area of ​​​​the goods or services to be sold.

The third difference between PR and advertising is their working time. Since there is a long-term image work or communication of an institution in PR, the studies are continuous and uninterrupted because creating the perception always requires a long process. On the contrary, in advertising, the work is intermittent and periodic due to certain periods when products or services come to the fore.

Chester, The Best PR (Public Relations) Agency List

Name Description Type
Accord PR
As a team of experienced former journalists, it’s our job at Accord PR to help our clients make the news and build the kind of profile that opens doors for their business. There’s a myth that journalists are only interested in bad news. The truth is that, like any good business person, they are very aware of their market. They want a story that interests, engages and resonates with that audience. We understand that because we have been in their shoes and we use that knowledge to create quality coverage that builds trust and opens doors for our clients. Accord PR takes a multi-channel approach, using online and social media channels as well as traditional magazines and newspapers. We work with small to medium sized, owner managed businesses often, but not exclusively, in a business-to-business market. We help those businesses create a widespread reputation that builds trust to ultimately boost business.Read more... PR Agency
mclcreate believes in the power of conversation to drive business success for its customers. The company provides everything its clients need to successfully reach, then talk and engage in two-way dialogue with its audience. mclcreate drives this relationship for its clients from the very start of the communication process to the actual delivery of live events, and, all importantly, through to the continuing flow of information afterwards. The company’s expertise and experience is founded on rewarding live event partnerships with major organisations, including Royal Mail, Ricoh, Swinton and many others. mclcreate not only has its own in house technical equipment and breadth of expertise to support these relationships with its customers, but also offers a wider suite of digital, creative and account management services to provide a complete solution.Read more... PR Agency
SB Studio
SB Studio is a design agency working for clients internationally, from ambitious start-ups to global brands, galleries, fashion labels, institutions, and individuals. We create a diverse range of work including brand identities, art direction, signage and wayfinding, exhibition design, print, editorial, publishing, and websites. The team is supported by a roster of photographers, illustrators, printers, makers, developers, joiners and regularly partner with architects, and marketing directors. PR Agency
Whistle Hospitality Marketing
We are specialists in marketing for the hospitality and leisure trade.  Hotels, restaurants, gastro inns, bars, spas and suppliers to the trade benefit from our wealth of experience in delivering effective marketing communications.  All the work we produce for our clients, be it websites, brochures, flyers, direct marketing or e-marketing, is designed with the guest, diner or visitor in mind. PR Agency

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mclcreate $10,000+
SB Studio $10,000+
Whistle Hospitality Marketing $10,000+

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