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Evertise Digital
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We help brands get to what matters by engaging audiences in meaningful ways. Our communication solutions are designed to achieve measurable ...
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Orbit Newswire
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OrbitNewswire helps you distribute the right message to the right people at the right time. We help small, medium and large scale enterprise...
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CyberVision International
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CyberVision is a broad spectrum organization involved in creating world-class custom application software & website solutions. CyberVision's...
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Digital Sight
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Digital Sight (Pvt.) Ltd is Pakistan’s Leading Branding Agency.
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Binsadiq Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
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Binsadiq Consultants is an emerging Business Consulting Firm which offers valuable advice and expertise to business entities in Pakistan to ...
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  • A good PR agency in the business will help you with PR and communication by working closely with your company to get the right message, content, and tone of voice.
  • PR firms not only use their expertise to generate a variety of new ideas but also build relationships with the media and specific journalists. They tailor the best content for each platform and broadcast t on your behalf.
  • A specialist PR agency will help you focus your energy where it is most effective and contributes to your overall business and marketing goals.
  • PR agencies know how to get the most bang for your buck within your budget, how to leverage timing, and how to structure and target campaigns. They know what works and what doesn't, because they have tried-and-tested formulas that have proven successful, and are open to telling you if an idea is worth pursuing.
  • Collaborating with a PR agency means that your company is safe in case of crisis. Since PR agencies have prepared a crisis plan in advance, they will be with you to prepare all kinds of explanations and present them to the media in the event of a crisis.

The amount companies have to pay to cooperate with PR agencies will vary from agency to agency, depending on the services requested and the size of the agencies. To say an average price, we can say that it is around 1,000-15,000 dollars per month.

The amount required to set up a PR agency and provide public relations support to individuals and businesses will of course vary depending on the type of PR agency, the services the agency intends to offer, and the location where the agency will be established. The initial cost of a PR agency considers equipment and materials expenses, fees to start a business, software expenses, office space expenses, employee and freelancer expenses, website costs, and advertising and marketing costs. It ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

PR agencies make money by charging their clients for the services they provide. Some may charge an annual fee as a registrar, a monthly fee as a service fee, or a per-project fee. Usually, a deal contract is signed between a business PR agency before the business starts.

As in every organization, there are many specialists with different abilities and job descriptions working in PR agencies. The teams of PR agencies are generally as follows:


Strategy Team: This team usually monitors the work, when a new client comes to the agency, this team examines the structure of the client company and creates appropriate strategies accordingly, and shares them with the relevant teams. They form a kind of roadmap.


Editorial Team: This team, which is responsible for the creation of texts to be used in relations with the press, has a good command of the rules of journalism. They produce the best texts by working meticulously on the reflectance of the brand language of the messages, their compliance with the language of journalism, spelling mistakes and expression disorders.


Media and Press Relations Team: This team, whose most important task is to establish strong relations with the press, ensures that the press releases from the editorial team are published in the right channels and reach the widest media organs it can reach. It is also the responsibility of this team to organize press lists and make updates when necessary.


Creative Team: This team, which manages the design part of the business, takes on creative roles such as supporting the projects with visuals. It is the duty of this team to make the designs to be shared with the press the most creative and interesting.


Customer Relations Team: It is the team that manages the relations of the agency with the companies and individuals it cooperates with, prepares studies taking into account the feedback received from the customers, and shares these studies with the relevant people.


Reporting Team: As every agency does, PR agencies present the results of their work to their clients through reports. The work of the reporting team guides the development of new strategies.

One of the jobs that today's agencies spend the most time on is trying to gain new customers. PR agencies also need to constantly seek out new clients and explore new ways to grow their agencies. Below are the steps to be taken to achieve these goals:

Website: Creating a website that will make a good impression as your most important marketing tool is critical. If you want to get your website visitors excited about taking the next step and contacting you, a website that will highlight your agency, your team, your industry expertise, and clients you've worked with before and instill confidence in your visitors should be the first step in your marketing strategy. Don't overlook the importance of optimizing your site for SEO best practices to attract potential PR customers to your website. An optimized website increases your chances of attracting organic traffic and helps you build a stronger online network.


Content: Create content that will position your agency as an expert in your field and industry. When creating this content, remember that instead of writing generic content pieces, you should offer unique content and tailor it to your target PR clients when creating content that reveals your agency's expertise. By producing content in this way, you can benefit from content generation methods from company blogs, e-mail newsletters, LinkedIn posts, webinars, podcasts, YouTube, and other social media platforms to stand out as a thought leader in your industry.


Case Studies: Be sure to include case studies on your agency's website to showcase your past achievements and expertise. These studies will act as a kind of social proof and play an important role in attracting more PR clients to your agency. These case studies are very helpful for your clients to see what you can do.


Quality Presentation: You are one of the many PR agencies on the list for your potential clients who want to have a meeting with you and present to them. The only way to stand out is to craft a persuasive business presentation and PR proposal, customized to the client's needs. At this stage, you need to fully understand the client's business, past business, trouble spots, and competitors. Once you understand these, create an interesting presentation and try to attract all the attention of the customers during the presentation.

To help you choose the right PR agency for your business, you can follow these steps:

  • Before researching potential PR agencies that fit your needs, list your key goals and expectations that you want the agency to help you achieve. Detail specific goals such as the markets you want to reach, the key messages you want to convey, and the number of media engagements that need to be achieved. When you present these goals to the PR agency during your interviews, they will explain how they will help you.


  • List companies you have the potential to work with through a website where you can view the PR agencies available to you, such as the PR Agency Network.


  • Ask to speak with past and current customers when you meet with the companies you have listed and learn more about the services they offer. This allows you to understand their strengths and weaknesses and helps you learn firsthand how well they work with other clients.


  • After doing research and comparing the prices of different companies, decide which one is the best fit for your budget. If you find that an agency you like is way out of your price range, see if there's room in your budget to adjust their prices. In case there are some companies that you have a hard time choosing between, choose the one that fits your budget while continuing to provide quality service.

Social Media Manager: Responsibilities of social media managers; promoting the brand, interacting with audiences across various social media channels, as well as coordinating and developing unique brand voices for each channel. Their day-to-day duties may include creating a social media content calendar aligned with the overall PR strategy, engaging with audiences across all channels through brand-voiced comments and posts, and monitoring various data points to track the success of specific campaigns and strategies.

Publicist: This is the position that works with the client and works with the client to develop a unique PR strategy. They then use this strategy to find specific campaigns, events, and outreach that will most effectively execute this strategy. The most challenging part of their job is undoubtedly managing crises. When there is negative press about a client, the PR professional has to quickly find the best way for the client's brand to recover.

Copywriter: Copywriters in PR agencies execute promotional strategies by writing press releases, speeches, blog posts, social media posts, and other materials. They must be versatile enough to write in a variety of brand voices and adapt that voice to suit a variety of campaigns or PR content.

PR Specialist: PR specialists are an essential part of PR agencies, whose main responsibility is to maintain good relationships with journalists and other media contacts who can help them produce press releases, appear on TV, broadcast speeches, and other promotional media strategies.

Spokesperson: Spokespersons, whose responsibility it is to act as the face of the brand by representing the company in public, in speeches, and on TV, often work in-house for the company. They must also have the strength to respond to criticism and bear the brunt of negative press when crises occur.

PR agencies with a wide range of services; strategically handle many communication processes such as reputation management, perception management, media relations, and crisis communication. The main purpose of PR agencies, which undertake the brand awareness and reputation management of the people and companies they work with, is to support these people in drawing a reliable image in the sector. It tries to prevent material and moral losses, thanks to the crisis communication plans that it carries out in advance or instantly against possible crises. It strengthens the foundations of the relationship with the target audience and the press, and increases brand awareness and brand loyalty, with many activities such as press release distribution, special news and interview studies, and TV program guests. PR agencies do all of these items in a professional and systematic way. PR agencies can also align PR and marketing goals, increasing your reputation as well as driving more sales.

In short, PR agencies help the people and companies they collaborate with to be more visible in the sector and make their voices heard by their target audience, thanks to their strong media relations.

Every company that wants to reach its potential customers needs to introduce itself to people and establish healthy relations with the public. For this, the right thing to do is to work with a PR agency that is specialized in its business. But choosing the right PR agency is not an easy task. People or institutions that want to cooperate with the right PR agency should consider the following items, which will have very beneficial results for their choice.

 If you have friends or colleagues who have worked with PR agencies before, you can ask them for advice and benefit from their experience.

Decide how much money you want to spend on the PR job and how you want to spend it. Before you start looking for PR agencies, make decisions such as working on a flat wage or performance-based pay basis.

Decide on the size of the PR agency you will be working with. Although big PR agencies may be more attractive to you, remember that they may force you financially and make your choice accordingly. Smaller PR agencies don't have to strain on the budget, and they may be hungrier for advancement in the industry.

If you have an idea about what kind of PR agency you will work with, find a website where you can list the PR agencies that are suitable for you and list the potential companies you can work with.

After creating this list, contact PR agencies and get information on how they can find solutions to your needs. In which media channels can they be successfully featured? Will they be able to help you with events, reactions, social media, and content? Look for answers to these questions. Ask which companies they have worked with before and what services they offer them. See if they are excited to collaborate with you. If they're not interested in what you're trying to achieve, the partnership probably won't work, but if they show your passion for your work, it could be a good partnership for you.

Islamabad, The Best PR (Public Relations) Agency List

Name Description Type
Evertise Digital
We help brands get to what matters by engaging audiences in meaningful ways. Our communication solutions are designed to achieve measurable and verifiable results. With a diligently crafted infusion of press release distribution and earned media, we help you reach out to an audience anywhere, everywhere across the globe.   We serve the full life cycle of a brand, from the established to the evolving, and those just getting started. Your competitors are fighting for their share in an era of infinite customer expectations and a constantly changing competitive advantage. We help you connect, earn and re-earn loyalty by doing something others ignore. We help you connect, engage and inspire your customers.Read more... PR Agency
Orbit Newswire
OrbitNewswire helps you distribute the right message to the right people at the right time. We help small, medium and large scale enterprises and companies alike to reach out to their intended audience with a well crafted press release, significantly increasing your brand exposure and visibility.  Our distribution channels are handpicked to broadcast to millions of influentials and prospects all over the globe. We have partnered with some of the best and leading distributing partners to significantly amplify your reach and publicity.  OrbitNewswire brings the regional and international distribution at your fingertips so you can customize your order. OrbitNewswire combines the power of traditional media distribution with organic and paid social media advertisement, giving you an unprecedented audience targeting capability at a fraction of cost as compared to our competitors. With our paid social media advertising and media boost capability, you can target an audience down to a zip code level. Any country, state, city or county- you name it, we can target it. Media boost and paid media advertising helps you target an audience based on keywords, age group, gender, job titles and interests. Combine this with an influential network of traditional news distribution channels and you actually get the best of the two worlds!  Transparency is at the heart of what we do at OrbitNewswire. You would get a detailed distribution report at the end of every distribution, mapping the end points that received your press release.  No business can thrive without customer satisfaction and a robust customer support team. Our 24/7, 365 days a year customer support team would always be ready to assist you at any stage of your press release distribution. Read more... PR Agency
CyberVision International
CyberVision is a broad spectrum organization involved in creating world-class custom application software & website solutions. CyberVision's mission is to offer custom software solutions and build niche market products that will allow the company to deploy faster go-to-market solutions for its clients. We began this journey in the year 2002, and continue to add to our knowledge capabilities, our focus on people, processes and best practices. PR Agency
Digital Sight
Digital Sight (Pvt.) Ltd is Pakistan’s Leading Branding Agency. PR Agency
Binsadiq Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
Binsadiq Consultants is an emerging Business Consulting Firm which offers valuable advice and expertise to business entities in Pakistan to help them improve their performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Our services includes Business Startup Assistance, Project Sourcing, Business Development and Business Consultancy for Corporate & Tax matters, Audits, Accounting and Bookkeeping. We are specialized in providing Consultancy Services for Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding, Facility Management and LNG/LPG Business.Read more... PR Agency

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Evertise Digital $1,000+
Orbit Newswire $250,000+
CyberVision International $10,000+
Digital Sight $1,000+
Binsadiq Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. $1,000+

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